Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, lies at the heart of the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast on the eastern shore of Biloxi Bay. This artistic community is home to many nationally recognized painters and potters and more than 100 unique shops, museums, galleries and restaurants. Known nationally for its annual festivals, which draw thousands from all areas of the country, Ocean Springs has long celebrated her extraordinary community of artist, potters, and performers, area merchants, clubs and organizations.

All the while delicately balancing progress and conserving her historical landmarks, as well as her untouched beauty of nature’s tranquility. Ocean Springs is a Mississippi Main Street Community that features a thriving downtown center. Recognized as the “City of Discovery”, there is plenty to discover from its beauty and serenity to historical sites with a distinctive spirit of past and present.

Highlights include the nationally recognized Walter Anderson Museum of Art, serene front beach area, Gulf Islands National Seashore Park, The Anderson family’s Shearwater Pottery, the Peter Anderson Festival, and The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, keystone of the public arts community in Ocean Springs.

The Bay Bridge

The new Biloxi Bay Bridge is 95′ in height at its main span, and supports six lanes of traffic. Two lanes of the six-lane bridge opened November 1, 2007. The new bridge has a curving roadway due to the implemented design-build process. In order to speed the process of rebuilding, the main body of the bridge was moved outside of the previous bridge’s debris area. The landing points for each side of U.S. Route 90 correspond with the previous bridge.

Biloxi Bay from Ocean Springs, Mississippi (2013)


Ocean Springs Area Map